Breaking Up Without Breaking the Bank

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved and the quality of your divorce agreement will affect you and your family for many years to come. A well-crafted divorce isn’t always simple and it doesn’t happen overnight. Emotions can run high as spouses negotiate the difficult business of undoing their marriage; deciding on spousal support, property distribution, child support, and custody.

We understand that you need a legal partner who will help build a reliable future for you and your family. Building that future takes compassionate, thorough, experienced legal guidance, working with the right divorce lawyer is critical.

At Madden Law, LLC we address every relevant issue in a divorce, from visitation, college education, and retirement to domestic violence and abuse. We know when it’s time to fight for your best interests and when it’s time to come to the negotiation table.

Our collaborative approach to divorce aims to save time and money, preserve dignity, and create a fair and equitable agreement. We’ll mediate a property settlement to help you avoid legal pitfalls that might bring you back to court in the future.

We can represent your family’s interests long after your divorce is final. You can turn to us through the years as alimony arrangements change, children, emancipate, and ex-spouses retire. We’ll even help with adoptions and name changes.

Divorce is tough but you can do this, we’re here to help.


Thomas W. Madden, Esq.

Matrimonial Attorney

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